Beautiful Mehendi Designs for a Bride

From a donning an eternal favourite red lehenga to acing the minimalist bridal game with light weighted pastle lehengas, no bride’s look is ever complete without mehendi design. No wedding or festivals in India can happen without the auspicious touch of mehendi on the ladies palms and feet from defining a millennial bride to adding glamour to her looks. Mehendi does all while staying true to the traditions as well.

While the millennial brides prefer a more modern mehendi pattern , other brides love to go for the traditional one. Whether you choose the heavy route with royalty with full hand or slay it like a trendsetter with minimal mehendi design , we have collected top 10 designs for you which is truly is for our indian wedding and tradition.

Here we have collected best 10 Mehendi designs for your special day. They are as –

1. Raja rani Mehendi design –

The raja rani motif is very common in bridal designs. In this design the raja is designed in one hand and the rani is designed on the other hand. Here various types of raja and rani from ancient Indian history are designed. The intricate patterns have been drawn around the two faces to make the design of the Mehendi stand out.

2. The storyteller mehendi design –

This image is really a sight for sore eye ! this go-getter bride got her love story weaved onto her bridal henna.
Make the cut with your ‘i-said-yes’ moment , the things you love to do together and how you stay connected to each other as your mehendi designs.

3. Varmala and sindoor design –

When your mehendi represents your wedding traditions ! The jaimala mehendi !
We all know the importance of this ritual, in fact, it is one of the most sought after rituals in a wedding ceremony . Why you ask ? Because of the banter and the crazy shenanigans in the wedding and the bride and the groom playfully dodge the mala, when its depict on your hand, imagine how crazy it will look. Its one of the fabulous design of all the patterns.

4. The single mandala design –

The mandala flower shown an intricate and symmetrical weave of lines that create an open flower. There are clountless mandala designs ranging from simple styles anyone can do to the most intricate designs . Only an expert artist can perform quickly and accurately. The single mandala design will assure you to give sparkle on your hand.

5. The split mandala design –

A split mandala is usually the central focus of a henna design with half of the circular pattern on one hand, and the other half on the second hand. Here distinct from the single mandala design, one mandala is depict by doing half part in both hands. The split mandala design is a beautifully symmetrical design for you mehendi.

6. The floral pattern design –

Flower that stary from the mandala flower design still represents happiness and joy and is also a common motif in mehendi design. Flower are universally regarded as thr epitome of feminity .The lacy floral design is one of the most popular henna designs. The flowers on the bridal hands, with their deep orange-red mehendi stain , can WOW you their simple yet graceful design.

7. The elephant motif design –

The elephant featured mehendi is one of the most favourite Indian bridal mehendi designes. The curvy and swirly patterns add a distinct flair to this design. You can also apply this design on your feet, this will quite look pretty but Keeping the feet decorated, you should remember one thing that it not drawn to such an extent that the elephant go unnoticed.

8. The royal architecture design –

This particular mehendi design reminds the bride of the beautiful and inticate architecture designs that are spotted in the Mughal places located all around India. The main focus of the design is the split or the chequered patterns very similar to a tapestry, but we can’t ignore the paisley and petals on the wrist and fingers as they are pretty and eye catching too.

9. The paisely print design –

The paisely print is a timeless classic. The curved motifs are done in many forms, like popular mango and flower designs. The design has small and pretty paisleys on the fingertips and larger paiseleys on the palm. The curvy tips add a smooth flow to the design while the intricate strokes emphasize the symmetry.

10. The peacock passion design –

peacock is known universally as a sign of beauty. It looks great when you try to decorate your hand and feather with such a beauty. The grace of the peacock’s long neck and beautiful feather is surely unbeatable and will cathch the eye of the relatives.

So here are the top 10 mehendi designs we have collected for your wedding day.

Here are some do’s and tips to make your mehendi darker and beautiful –

  1. Wash your palm thoroughly with soap before you sit down to apply mehendi.
  2. you can apply eucalyptus oil, this not only smell good , but it also help to darken the colour.
  3. Allow the mehendi on your hands to dry naturally.
  4. keep the mehendi on your palms as long as you can, preferably overninght.
  5. It is believed that the smoke from heated cloves helps darken mehendi. So it prefere to smoke it.
  6. You can apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to your palm after the mehendi dried , it will help to lighten the colour.
  7. Stay away from water , ideally allow 24 hours to laps before you expose your mehendi to water.

So these are the best 10 designs and tips we have brought for you to make your Wedding Mehendi fabulous.

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