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10 Unique Indian Wedding Gift Ideas

With lots of tradition and customs, wedding indicates the beginning of new life for two persons as wedding is one of the most wonderful and beautiful ceremonies you can witness, besides the various traditions and customs gifting is also considered a tradition in Indian weddings for decades.

wedding favors and wedding gifting have always been a part of wedding celebrations in India. Gifts are always welcome on every occasion in India, whether it’s a wedding or any other function. When it comes to Indian people, they try to choose that kind of gift that the user can enjoy this and it does not get easily wasted. If you are already known to the couple, then it gets quite easy for you to choose a beautiful gift for them as you already know their choice, preferences and other things, but when it’s not known much about the couple then you have to start browsing the internet looking for wedding gifts but it can seriously get quite confusing.

To make it easy for you, we have bought 10 unique gift ideas for you. You don’t have to worry, you have arrived at the right place. Here we have collected the most unique gifts from handmade to readymade and expensive to contemporary. So these are –

Wedding Gifts Ideas Wedsfy

1. Ship in a Bottle –

Ship in a bottle is a traditional type of impossible bottle. It is praised for its amazing creativity. It looks great when you gift someone with such creativity. You make it more creative by putting a handwritten blessing note in it, which will help to enhance the beauty of it and will assure a smile on the bride’s face.

2. Bride Wedding Dress Hanger –

It’s a beautiful maid of honor gift to the bride. A wedding dress hanger is essential as well as unique. We all know , how much special the wedding dress is for a bride , so you can make a way to tie up the special dress with your gifting and make your place in their memory.

3. Mr & Mrs. Coffee Mug –

It’s a another unique gift that one can make to the bride or the couple. As tea time or coffee time is a uninterrupted part of the day for every Indians, so lets have a credit from the newly angaged couple as they love to show off their new bling through your gift.

4. Amazon Echo –

Now a days , everybody is tech-savvy and wants to do their work to be easy and fast , so this is one of the best gift one can make in today’s time. As it known that a wedding home is always noisy and the things gone unstructured all here and there , a gift like amazone echo will surely help then in this time and also make their life valuable and fun filled.

5. Explosion Box –

We all know about explosion box, so you can make this also a unique gift for a bride. The explosion box could be handmade or you can buy one from the market. If you are close one of the bride or the couple , then you can make this box cuter by adding your together spent moment photoes , mentioning the time or the situation on it. This will surely bring a smile on their face.

6. Books –

Most of the girls these days are inclined towards reading books and thus it is a unique wedding gift in India. You can gift from cook book to any kind of book, here if you already know her favourite author or writer, then it will get quite easy for you to choose a good book for her.

7. Personalised Pillow –

A wedding gift from the maid of honor could be from a simple accessary to a comfortable tool for a newlyweds’ new home. Whether its a sofa or a bed, pillow suits everywhere. you can make it a little bit creative by adding their name or photo on it.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Doormat –

This is a simple but a meaningful idea for a wedding gift for the couple, as you look , how cute the doormat seems. At a new home, the bride also need a doormat for her room , so why not make it more unique for them, lets give them a Mr. & Mrs. doormat.

9. Chocolates –

Chocolates are the timeless classic. Most of the girls love chocolates and gifting the bride a big basket of chocolates can be considered as a very good idea. Gifting chocolates is more preferable than perfume or cosmetics . As in case of perfume and cosmetics its a little bit tough to choose the brand or the product name as you dont know what brand or product they use, so here chocolate is a more preferable idea for gift.

10. Flowers and Cards –

Flowers are universally known for its beauty. Its a good idea to express your blessing and good wishes for the happy couple on their journey. Here to make this more special or unique you can add some heartfelt words of wisdom in an accompanying greeting.

so these are the best 10 unique gift for an Indian wedding. If you are close one or family member of the couple and want to make a little expensive gift and mesmerised them, so here we collected some for you –

  1. Furniture –

Every newly married couple dreams of building a spare of their own. Here furniture may be a great idea to contribute towards decorating that by gifting furniture for their room and home.

  1. Jewelry –

We all know how much Indian girl or women fascinated about jewelry. So, its a very good idea to gift them a necklace or bracelets, or whatever you want, it may be gold or diamond, with your blessings card.

  1. Holiday or Honeymoon Package –

Its a great idea to gift the newlyweds an expense paid trip to a beautiful destination for just the two of them, as they going remember you for long time for your gift.

  1. Spa Session –

The bride will be greatful to recieve a spa session at a reputed spa . As through the wedding, the bride as well as the groom have to trouble a lot from his or her dress to maintaining the relatives to all the rituals. So, this gift will truly give them a couple of soothing time.

So if you are one attiribute from the family member or relatives then you can choose one from the given above. The couple will surely appreciate this gift.

Here we are adding some precuations and tips to make your gift a perfect one –

  1. Some of the surprises for the bride from the maid of honor are item that are personalized , sentimental or help get a little R&P or pompering on or around the wedding day.
  2. Buy the gift well in time. If you have to personalized it, make sure you have enough time for that as well.
  3. The gift need to neatly wrapped with a sweet note of blessings, to make them reasilse that they are special for you and also your name bellow on the blessing note to recognise them that its you.
  4. While selecting gift for a married girl, make sure you focus on things s/he likes and would enjoy or used. Gift should be able to bring a smile on the face.

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